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The Arabic name of this mountain is Qaf (the
throne of Allah), the Jewish name of this
mountain is Zion; the Indian name of this
mountain is Meru; You see the lake al-Hawdh -
the Pond of Muhammad.
Look on this photography; recollect: You know this place.

This is a PARADISE KAABA; the Kaaba in Mecca is
a local temple of this Paradise Kaaba, which
located near the mountain Qaf. You see the
wonderworking gate of Paradise (in the left of
this frame; the Kalachakra Mandala from light,
its size - little less of the one kilometer).
This is a frame of the video; You can DOWNLOAD this video-file
(wmv; 2979 Kb) and see the PROCESS OF ARISE of this gate; click

. This is in the center of the Kola peninsula.The Paradise of the ancient religions was FINDED!!!
SEE THE ARTICLE about this DISCOVERY - click button:


Avak Avakovij Avakyan (spiritual name - Efka). Doctor of eniology, professor; specialist of religions; inventor of solenoid without wires (physics patent); composer, organist, harpsichordist, pianist (organist in the Krasnoyarsk Organ Hall in RF).

My music:

Avak Avakyan Toccata number2 (audio; mp2)

Avak Avakyan Hymn to Iara (audio; mp2) Avak Avakyan Hymn to Iara (score; pdf)

Avak Avakyan Invention (audio; mp3) Avak Avakyan Invention (score; pdf)

Avak Avakyan Præludium26.3.2009 (audio; midi) Avak Avakyan Præludium26.3.2009 (score; pdf)

NATO = Fascist Empire of USA (France and etc is the provinces of USA Empire)!!
UNO = Worldwide Terrorist Organization!!
USA creator of the all Orange, Flower and etc revolutions and separatism.
All Orange, Flower and etc revolutions and separatism = the ARMED AMERICAN INTERVENTION!!
The Libyan war = COLONIZATION; Empire of USA has COLONIZED the Libya, has plundered the oil, as in Iraq!!
USA Empire do NOT understand the LAWS;
USA Empire do NOT understand the AGREEMENTS;
Glory for Hero Martyr Muammar Qaddafi!!! Glory for Jamahiriya!!!
Lawlessness MUST be punished!!!
The Law must TRIUMPH ALWAYS!!!
The reconciliation with lawlessness IMPOSSIBLE!!!
The Law in Libya = the Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ONLY!!!
Glory for those, who executes the acts of the RETRIBUTION = JUSTICE!!!

Muammar publication of 8 april 2011 year

My SONG We will not leave our land
on the text of Muammar Muhammad alQaddafi We will not leave our land, and we will liberate it.. This song dedicated to hero Muammar Qaddafi.

Avak Avakyan song We will not leave our land (audio in RUSSIAN language; mp2)

Avak Avakyan song We will not leave our land (audio midi source version WITHOUT text)

Avak Avakyan song We will not leave our land (audio KARAOKE version WITHOUT tune; mp2)

Avak Avakyan song We will not leave our land (audio LEARN version TO SINGERS; mp2)
(with underlined tune without text)

Avak Avakyan song We will not leave our land (score; tif in sfx−exe /ideal quality/)

Avak Avakyan song We will not leave our land (score; pdf)

I am creator of this files, composer, singer and creator of the SF2 instruments (in mp2 files You will listen only my SoundFont instruments and my chant).
The creation of this song was finished − 30 march 2011 year.
You can create the audio−versions of this song in ALL languages from this KARAOKE version.

You can DOWNLOAD the good video about this song − my video interview for correspondent Tatyana Vishnevskaya; file size 11861 Kb, format FLV 490×368 (in RUSSIAN language).

My political position
about aggression of American empire against Libya − in the article (in russian language)

The Worldwide orange revolution continue

Chorale of memory of Saddam Hussein, Barzan Ibrahim and Awad Hamed - martyrs of american aggression, terror and lawlessness. Composer - I am. The style of music - neorenaissance. This music was created 31 december 2006 year. You can DOWNLOAD MP3-audio and (!!) partiture. All instruments in audio-file - my SF2 (SoundFonts virtual instruments, created by me); vocal - I am. The partiture - 24 bit (color) TIFF file (8 pages in 1 file), compressed in self extracting (SFX-EXE) archive.

Click button  to download MP3 audio-file - 3409 Kb.

Click button  to download PDF file (partiture) - 2388 Kb.

Click button  to download EXE-file (partiture) - 925 Kb.

The BLUE HELMETS of UNO - third monster (after Napoleon and Hitler), has said Nostradamus!!! About this - in my POEM: Liberty to Iraq (now in RUSSIAN language only).

Click:  .

WHAT IS 11 SEPTEMBER 2001 YEAR? Emperor Neron incinerated Rome for war with international religious extremism, fanaticism, foundationism and for victory of democracy. About this - my COMPUTER GAME:

(Foots of Roasted Bush). This is a super-puper patch to known game Moorhuhnjagd. The game Moorhuhn- jagd INCLUDED in distributive packet. This is a 4,8Mb. FREEWARE. Professional graphics, audio and music. ALL graphics and audio NEW!! Roasted Annan and
action :: moorhuhn-foots-of-bush
Robertson fly above the graveyard of american warrior. Roasted Bush with bottle yells: Viski!!, and his head fall to the tureen near Hussein. You - pacifier. Your mission - Hidrogen (termonuclear) hammer of liberty in the Washington: You throw the rusty soviet grenades F-1 in this roasted huhns

Click:  to SEE SCREENSHOTS. Click:  to DOWNLOAD full distributive (4 793 203 bit). If You use a poor Internet connect, You can DOWNLOAD distributive of this game AS 7 PARTS (SFX ARCHIVE 7 VOLUMES):

Volume I
825251 bit
Volume II
730112 bit
Volume III
730112 bit
Volume IV
730112 bit
Volume V
730112 bit
Volume VI
730112 bit
Volume VII
429308 bit

My record in this game = 1360 murdered!!!

My file moorhuhn.sav You can download here:  .

About export SODOM (the antique roman formation) to Iraq. About this - in my music: CHORALE - IMPOSSIBLE TO DESTROY RECTITUDE (fragment of this music You listen in my game - Moorhuhn - foots of Bush).

Click:  to DOWNLOAD this audio. I was create this audio on a virtual instruments, vocal - I am (MP3 file 943 Kb).

 A ll that happened - NOT FORGOTTEN!!!
All, who is perished - NOT FORGOTTEN!!!

Lawlessness MUST be punished!!!
The Law must TRIUMPH ALWAYS!!!
If law impossible to restore, - glory for the ETERNAL war!!!
The reconciliation with lawlessness - IMPOSSIBLE!!!
The enemy has killed - kill him!!!
The enemy has destroyed buildings - destroy his buildings!!!
The enemy has destroyed libraries - destroy his libraries!!!
The enemy has destroyed museums - destroy his museums!!!
Glory for Brave Iraq!!!
Glory for Hero Martyr Saddam Hussein!!!
The MERCY for murderers IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!



Change the standard Windows sounds on fragments of the music of XVI century by composer Padre Manoel Rodrigues COELHO da Costa (1555-1635; Portugal) from His book: FLOWERS OF MUSIC (printed in 1620 year). The audio was created on the synthesizer: ENSONIQ TS 12. FREEWARE. 1983 Kb. The distributive will install the five music fragments (.wav) in C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\COELHO . Then You can adjust Your Windows sounds in Your taste.

Click button  to DOWNLOAD distributive.

(Only in RUSSIAN language.).



Site of bolster Libya (in RUSSIAN language)


Site of memory of Martyr Saddam Hussein (in RUSSIAN language)


Site of memory of Saddam Hussein (in RUSSIAN language)


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